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Examples of Installation

This is a family Buddhist altar using our Hinge for Wood Fixtures “TTS-104”.

A family Buddhist altar using” TTS-104 Kaku Chouban”
Name of Hinge : TTS-104 Kaku Chouban
Size : H50mm / Specification : Glossy finish
Click here for more details information of TTS-104.

In the TTS Hinges which have been providing through TTS Shopping Site, the screw having same color is attached.
Manufacturer : Mr. Kengo Mizouchi of “LB Furniture Works”

Installation examples for Hinges for Glass Doors

This product has been applying to bathrooms of the domestic major first-class hotels and high class condominiums and others.

The installation examples of Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

“Maintenance・renovation・reparation of traditional and historical architectures (Tangible Cultural Asset)” “Domestic major first-class hotels and high class condominiums” “Domestic famous theme parks” and others

Form for request of brochure and inquiry

Tsunashima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546-0033 Japan
As for any inquiry concerning hinges, please feel free to contact us.
Form for request of brochure and inquiry
  • Our contact telephone number is :|81-6-6696-1260
  • Inquiry by FAX is also acceptable to :|81-6-6696-1276
  • CAD Data Download
  • Color chart of plated TTS Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

Request for Brochure and Inquiry

Osaka 546-0033 Japan
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku,

Form for request of brochure and inquiry


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