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Request Form for CAD Data Download

If you desire to download our CAD data, please complete the required information in the following form and click the “Registration”button. We will forward the download method of our CAD data to you through our automatic reply mail system.
Please note that the items marked * are essential items to be filled.

Product names you are interested in  Hinges for wooden fixtures
 Hinges for glass doors
Your company name *
Division name
Your name *
E-mail address *
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Telephone number *
If you have any inquiry, please write it down here.

Form for request of brochure and inquiry

Tsunashima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546-0033 Japan
As for any inquiry concerning hinges, please feel free to contact us.
Form for request of brochure and inquiry
  • Our contact telephone number is :|81-6-6696-1260
  • Inquiry by FAX is also acceptable to :|81-6-6696-1276
  • CAD Data Download
  • Color chart of plated TTS Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

Request for Brochure and Inquiry

Osaka 546-0033 Japan
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku,

Form for request of brochure and inquiry


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