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Our Policy on Privacy

In this website, we exercise extreme cautions in adequate handling and protection of private information of the users.

■ Collection of the private information and its utilization

We will receive inquiries from our customers through our exclusive inquiry and request quotation form. At that time, we are requesting these customers to input the necessary information (name, E-mail address, address, telephone number and others) for the purpose of forwarding our reply to them. We sincerely pledge to use these private information to only our reply to their inquiry and will never use for any other purpose.

■ Provision of private information

We will never provide or disclose the private information we received from the users to any other third party except in the cases that we will received acceptance for disclosure from the user or there is any adequate and due reason for disclosure.

■ Control of information

We will strictly control any private information and make sure that only our authorized officers and staffs in charge will handle this private information.

■ Cookie

Cookie for the purpose of access log analysis or others is applicable. You can deny receipt of the cookie by setting the browser. We trust that there is no possibility of leakage or divulgation of the information to identify an individual person through cookie.

■ Link

This website contains link to external sites. With reference to the handling of private information at the external sites, please confirm the content concerning the handling of private information of the linked site.

■ Exclusion of liability

We are not in a right position to bear and/or assume any liability for damages arising from usage of various information the users obtained through our home page and/or other webpages linked to this home page.

■ Revision

We may revise the above stated policy. In that case, we will announce the revised content through our home page.

■ Inquiry for private information

We are pleased to accept your opinion and inquiry concerning the handling of private information at this site through the following contact address.
Tsunashima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka Japan
81-6-6696-1260 (rep)

Form for request of brochure and inquiry

Tsunashima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546-0033 Japan
As for any inquiry concerning hinges, please feel free to contact us.
Form for request of brochure and inquiry
  • Our contact telephone number is :|81-6-6696-1260
  • Inquiry by FAX is also acceptable to :|81-6-6696-1276
  • CAD Data Download
  • Color chart of plated TTS Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

Request for Brochure and Inquiry

Osaka 546-0033 Japan
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku,

Form for request of brochure and inquiry


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