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Products Lineup

Feature of Hinges made by Tsunashima

Hinges of Tunashima :
We are insistent on machining method in manufacturing all our hinges. We have been trying our best to develop and provide extremely high grade products having steady durability to our customers.

Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

TTS Original Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

Tsunashima's Original Hinges pursuing functionality and corrosion resistance Our hinges have been applying to wide range of constructions from first-class hotels to historical architectures.

Customized Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

Well-established our own TTS technology enables us to manufacture large sized hinges and customized products by designers, and to provide high value-added products with high density finish to our customers.

Hinges for Glass Doors

By collaboration of ultimate level of safety•functionality•durability with simple design eliminating waste, our hinges play as a supporting role of glass doors and glass cases and display their beauty further and further with excellent brilliant adding premium atmosphere.

Form for request of brochure and inquiry

Tsunashima Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka 546-0033 Japan
As for any inquiry concerning hinges, please feel free to contact us.
Form for request of brochure and inquiry
  • Our contact telephone number is :|81-6-6696-1260
  • Inquiry by FAX is also acceptable to :|81-6-6696-1276
  • CAD Data Download
  • Color chart of plated TTS Hinges for Wooden Fixtures

Request for Brochure and Inquiry

Osaka 546-0033 Japan
2-2-26, Minami-tanabe, Higashi-sumiyoshi-ku,

Form for request of brochure and inquiry


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